My name is Kelly Anderson. I am the owner and operator of I’m 30 years old, owned my online business since 2005, and I’ve been building haunts since 2003.

I’ve been helping build and operate the House of Shadows haunted attraction in Sparta Wisconsin since 2003. I’ve spent countless hours designing and constructing rooms within the haunt for the goal of delivering the altimate scare to our patrons.

 The building phase can be such a blast. Where else can you build some of the crazy things you’d find in a haunted house? Just designing some of the things I’ve built has had me wondering if there was something wrong with me. Who knows, maybe there is. LOL! But one thing I’ve also learned is that there’s so many others out there that get the same enjoyment out of making people scream like mad, and that is who this blog is for.

Many of my rooms have been pretty complex and taken allot of time to design and construct. Some  rooms that moved with the guests on or in them I’ve had to take much care towards the safety aspect as well as delivering the scare they wouldn’t forget. Integrating electrical and mechanical systems for safety as well as the general functioning of the room is something I’ve take very seriously. I’ve also worked with pneumatics for prop activation or moving entire groups of people so there again, things have to be built right with safety in mind. One cant be afraid to ask a qualified person for help, or you can always contact your local building/safety and fire marshall for assistance as well.

My intent for this blog is to not only be about my involvement in the haunt I participate in, but I’d also like to here from yourself about the work you do in your own haunt, regardless to how big or small. As I mentioned I’d like to talk about  not just scare tac-tics and room designs, but about prop designs, makeup, masks, costumes, safety, and right down to the general operations of our haunted attractions. I have things to share and I’m sure much to learn as well. I’d like to here about products you use in your haunt, whether they worked well or did not. I’ve used many different items that I will be happy to talk about. Some of the products I currently sell at But I’m always looking to built and expand my online business. So this is also a way for me too reach out to the industry and see what products all the haunts or haunters are using and in need of , as well as getting some ideas for my own haunt rooms. And if nothing else, getting to chat with all the other great minds I share this passion for designing and building haunts with.

I want everyone to feel welcome asking questions. I will do my best to answer what I can. But I want others to feel free to comment as well. I’ve got several years experience in the haunt industry but I know there are others with much more than myself. Even if your new to haunting, your questions, thoughts and ideas are always greatly appreciated and well respected.

So ask your questions and make your comments. But please do so in a manner of which you would want to be treated. Anything other will  not be tolerated.

Lastly, I aim to have  Haunt Tech blog  deliver much needed knowledge and ideas for us all to take back to our own attractions. Im fully supportive of advancing and promoting the haunt industry.  We know that knowledge is the key to success, so my hope is that we all leave here with a bit of information we didn’t have previously. Or at least the thought of knowing that we helped out a fellow haunter to better themselves and their attractions.

Kelly Anderson