Hells bench haunt themed room

This picture taken durning construction of the Hells Bench haunt themed room. From the iron fire door to the saw blade, the detail in this room looked great and proved to be a very memorable experience for our guests.

One question I’ve been asked time and time again is “Where do you get these crazy ideas”. The fact of the matter more often than not is “I don’t really know“. LOL! But the first few years for me I had so many ideas for scares or for room themes it drove me crazy. Couldn’t hardly sleep at night as I would lie awake thinking of how to turn these ideas into scary haunt sets. But after several years it seams that I really need to think hard about what my new haunt room will be. And being my rooms tend to be quite involved, it can make a final pick of a theme harder yet.
Some of the actual scare ideas for the rooms would result from things that might actually scare myself and some from things I think might scare our patrons. But to get the initial theme could come from any place. I like watching horror movies so I know that plays a factor in my ideas. Previous rooms I built or rooms others have built might spark some imagination as well. The haunt forums can be an excellent source for ideas too. I like reading articles that have to do with certain aspects of haunting. At times I may get an idea that sounds interesting that I can build upon to make better by my own creative will. And if your really into haunting as I am, I talk about it almost all the time. I have many close friends and acquaintances that are into haunting as myself so just casual conversation has produced some of the wildest ideas and room themes we could imagine. But the interesting thing is after I get an initial idea and sleep on it, I may wake up the next morning and decide to change it all around anyway, making it even better.
I’ve never been a big fan of basing a room theme off a movie as it can be quite difficult to express the exact feel of that movie onto the patrons for many reasons. Although this past year after six years of haunting, I veered from my normal path and did let a movie influence my room in a way that our guests could recognize. But being I like and will always like doing my own thing, I designed a scare that no one would anticipate and it went over extremely well with the guests, and I don’t look back for doing so.

When I have an idea for a room, my design of that room and the executing of the scare has to be unique. That’s what makes it so fun. Even if I got the idea from another haunt room, whether one of my own or someone else’s, my new design has to be made different, for even a better scare. Your guests will like to see something that makes your haunt different than the haunt down the street, and hopefully better.

So when you get your heart set on a certain theme, now try and envision what the room will look like in the end. And think about everything it will take to complete the building process to express the feel you want for that room. How much space will you need? What kind of materials will be used? Do you have props already to detail the set? And if not, can you purchase props or do you have the ability to make props or detail on your own? I know first hand that when I get hooked on an idea I want to just go with it and sometimes get hung up in some spot and find it tuff to move forward. But that’s when being very open minded and thinking creatively will pay its rewards. You may also want to make a list of all the things you want to accomplish with that room. Everything from how the room will look in detail to what the scare will be. Once your sure of the theme you can move on to carrying out the scare for the haunt room.

Its always interesting to here where haunters get their ideas from….So, where do some of you get your haunt room theme ideas from? I’d like to invite all of you to register with Haunt Tech and start commenting.