Triggerz Trigger Switch
Extremely excited to be coming out with the ALL NEW for 2015 Triggerz push-button trigger switch T100 by Haunt Your House llc and! We’ve talked and talked all too much on animation control to customers and haunt attraction operators and haunt/Halloween enthusiasts. Many times the simplest of things are needed to execute the big scares and even the small scares at your attraction. With Triggerz you not only get the triggering capability to initiate the scare at the moment the actor, actress, or operator is ready… but you get a trigger in a haunt friendly, rugged built casing that’s sure to last season after season!
Triggerz trigger switch. Push-button aluminum body. Rugged built with haunters in mind.

Triggerz T100 push-button trigger switch is a momentary contact closure that closes at the press of a button (your thumb or however you wish). Its easy to conceal. Triggerz has pushed for the ruggedness and light weight of a circular aluminum body measuring four inches in length. We’ve equipped this trigger with heavy insulated 18-2 SJ cable for the durability we’d expect in the attraction we are affiliated with and we are confident it will be up to the many challenges our fellow haunters can throw at it! We even parked an SUV right on top of it!! lol! Not a dent! Not a scratch! Just a Triggerz T100 ready to trigger many different types of animations time after time.

Triggerz T100 is light weight and easy to use for manually triggering animations and fx.Again the Triggerz T100 is wired with over 9 feet of 18-2 SJ cable which is a heavy rubber insulated cable that will withstand many of the elements your haunt, nature, and everyday life within a haunted attraction can throw at it. Trigger switching capabilities is rated to 3 amps at 120 VAC. However, we always recommend when using handheld triggers of ANY TYPE to be controlling low voltages to trigger your animations. Most of the controllers we may be using to animate props or various fx will be using 12 or 24 volts as there primary voltage and simply require a closure of two electrical points to trigger the controller. In that case you are set so simply connect the two wires of the T100 to those “trigger” terminals and away you go. If you have an animation of say powering high voltage (120 VAC) for lighting fx or maybe an electric motor, you will want to use your Triggerz T100 at a low voltage (say 12 Volts from a 12 volt transformer) to control a relay (that would operate at 12vdc) which would in turn control the higher voltage.

The possibilities for what you can trigger with the T100 are endless. Triggerz provides the switching capabilities in a light weight and rugged push-button switching body that’s sure to fit the many applications haunters from all over can design for it!