Neenah Wisconsin

Burial Chamber Haunt Complex

My buddy Don, my sis Kris, a "Madman" out to get us, myself, my wife Amy just outside Phobia Haunted Woods at the Burial Chamber Haunt Complex in Neenah Wisconsin

Finally hit the road to check out some haunts over this past weekend. Wanted to bring up this first haunt we got to on Friday (10-5-2012), the Burial Chamber Haunt Complex in Neenah Wisconsin. If you check out their website at, one of the first things you’ll read is the phrase “Midwest’s Largest Haunt Complex”. I promise you that this haunt lives up to that statement and they aren’t messing around either. This haunt truly has 4 separate attractions! With 3 of the most intense haunts (Adrenaline Haunted House, Insanity Haunted House, and Phobia Haunted Woods). And to top it off they have at least 4 “Last Ride” burial simulators. The Burial Chamber Haunt Complex took us for one hell of a ride that’s for sure!!! But then again, what should I have expected from the attraction “Voted best haunted complex by the public” in Wisconsin!

Now this wasn’t my first time visiting the Burial Chamber. About two years ago when I first heard of this haunt, something told me then that when I scheduled that 2010 trip that this haunt was for sure going on my list of haunts to see; maybe it was the fact that seeing all three haunted houses was something like $8 each…SIGN ME UP!…….. No I didn’t end up liking it…………..I LOVED IT!!!! So it was back on my list for 2012!!

Without giving too much away I really want to say that as a haunter myself and being involved in the haunt industry as long as I have been, I have greatly grown an appreciation for everything it takes to put on an event like this. I’ve seen the struggles at other haunts…. I’ve seen the actors that can’t stay in character… But let me tell you, the folks over at the Burial Chamber got this thing figured out!!!

After getting our tickets we could go to any one of the attractions. Standing in the queue line to the haunted houses we watched crazy assortments of videos projected onto huge projection screens; this was a great touch for us guests as we waited prior to entering each of the haunts. Also to mention we got there shortly before the haunt opened. And from the queue line we first hand got to witness the haunts opening kick-off. Absolutely loved that! Was a great way not only to get the patrons razzed up but to fire-up the actors as well!!! Was like a zombie takeover!! It was great!! LOL

The haunt sets were very creative and really well done. I loved the overall tone of each attraction, not only did the haunt sets look great while effectively contributing to set all our senses into chaos, but equally the actors were right there when they needed to be, delivering scare after scare! Our group…… most of us was scared silly…..well perhaps all of us! Apparently our coping mechanism that night was to sing at one point and these actors were right there ready to capitalize on it…… and they did! You see that’s when you can tell the actors are totally into their character yet still paying attention to the groups. Nearly every scare seemed as though it was tailored personally towards us, vs. just the same old routine.

These actors were fabulous! I really want to give a shout out to the girl(s) in the morgue……SPOT ON they were the whole time!!!! The improv was great!! Also this big guy in the picture wearing the bloodied up apron! Truly professional!!! The zombie in the woods doing this creepy matrix like way of rising from the ground………Are you ok by the way? Did it hurt to do that? LOL!! But really the whole attraction was awesome!

My overall point to be made is at this haunt, the actors, set designers, costumers, make-up fx pro’s, all got the passion to bring their guest’s the scariest, realistic, and personally entertaining experience I could hope for in any haunted attraction. It’s a no-brainer! It’s a MUST SEE!! And I will see it again!!

So put the Burial Chamber on your list of haunts to see.

A big THANK YOU to the Burial Chamber for one H-E-L-L of a great night!

Kelly Anderson