Creepy Crawling Torso Zombie

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So we’ve been back from Transworld for a few weeks now. Was an awesome show as always. We were able to pick up several items for the haunt. We got several totally awesome props from Creepy Collection. At Haunt Your House we have been a distributor for Creepy Collection for a couple years now. As I said, awesome props. We’re decking a few rooms out with their props. Simply the best and most realistic. A must for our haunt and yours.

Our haunt has finally been getting into using more LED lighting. I can hardly put into words how many more options you have when using LED lighting. I’ll probably have some posts later on about using LEDs for lighting your haunt sets. But the control you gain when lighting cirtain props or certain parts of the set are amazing. And one of the best things when using LEDs is the ability to hide the light fixture. Where an incandecent light bulb is 2 or 3 inches wide and 3 or 4 inches tall, a low power LED is only about the diameter of a pen or pencil and maybe and inch and a half long. Just so easy to conceal behind a grave stone or in a tree branch. LEDs are definately the way to go.

I am very curious if any of you made it to the Transworld Haunt Show and if so how you liked it and if you picked up any cool items for your haunt. Lets here what you got!!