For the second weekend in October I had planned a trip to see a few more haunts. My trip took me from my home location of Sparta Wisconsin, to Waukesha, Milwaukee, and on to Sheboygan, along the eastern side of Wisconsin. I was once again very eager to see another fabulous lineup of haunted houses, and the Wisconsin Fear Grounds, Dominion of Terror, and Mars Haunted House were just the attractions I was looking for.

Wisconsin Fear Grounds

Friday night I was able to stop in at the Wisconsin Fear Grounds in Waukesha Wisconsin. The Feargrounds consisted on four separate haunts; Morgan Manor, Morgana’s Torment, Unstable, and Morgana’s Labyrinth of Misery. I arrived a bit early but these guys were in character and ready to rock. The ghouls roaming the queue were there for one thing and that’s to entertain.

Entering this haunt for the first time was an incredible feeling. One right off the bat could hardly fathom the time spent in creating just the first couple of rooms, yet alone building great rooms to follow the theme of the attraction consistently through the haunt. Each room had to have been so carefully chosen as to make sense and how incorporating each character along with each scare was fit into the attraction as a whole seemed to be executed like clockwork.

This was such a great haunt to say the least! The characters had my attention right from the start while having me nonstop guessing what was around each corner. Great time! Great Haunt! Check it out!

Dominion of Terror

Saturday I set off for the Dominion of Terror haunted house in Sheboygan Wisconsin. This attraction was bad ass. The crew of this haunt has without a doubt the right place, the knowledge, and the passion to build everything that makes for a creepy, scary, intense, bad ass haunt. I firmly believe that the best way to really engage the audience with your haunt is to make them feel like they are really in the world you as a haunter are trying to convey. This haunt does it for me!

The themes within this haunt were put together and transitioned so well. And many of the different elements that tend to scare people had been put together to offer allot of that something for everyone. It was truly intense, excellent design, and I loved every minute of it!

Mars Haunted House

Next was back to Milwaukee Wisconsin to check out Mars Haunted House. OH, where do I start with this one! Just waiting in the queue was great! Although the wait in line was rather short at the time, the character working the line was perfect for the job. I could have stood there so much longer and been perfectly entertained. The interaction with the patrons was really getting people ready for something. And “Something” was what we were about to find out.

Talk about keeping a guy guessing, this newly remodeled attraction for 2010 was all that to me and my whole group for that matter. Scares right from the start. The feeling of claustrophobia set in rather quickly and topped off with some scares where one would least expect it. I would think that after eight years doing haunts myself, I’d learn to expect the unexpected; but not this time,  and not at Mars HH.

The room themes within this haunt were definitely carried out with a lot creativity and style. The Mars style allowed for techniques in room theme layout to be done that few haunts could ever pull off. I learned this all too well when Mars through the haunt room theme curveball at us. And this curve ball has been haunting us ever since! LOL! Great time. Great haunt. Entertaining has hell! MARS Haunted House

To All the Haunts

Once again I have to thank these haunts for putting on one hell of a show. I could not have asked for a better time. The blood sweat and tears that went into the designing and building of these attractions as well as the operations it must take to carry out such an attraction has got to be phenomenal.

I wish everyone a happy haunting season and a great Halloween!!

Kelly Anderson


Wisconsin Fear Grounds

Dominion of Terror

Mars Haunted House