This first weekend of October, I along with my 17 year old nephew made the trip to the Neenah and Green Bay areas of Wisconsin. This gave us two nights to see four great haunted attractions within about 3 ½ hours of our location here in Sparta Wisconsin. I’d like to share a bit about our trip and spread the word about these amazing haunts.

Burial Chamber

Friday night about 8pm we rolled into Neenah. First up on our list of haunts to see was the Burial Chamber. This haunt complex consists of four separate attractions: Adrenaline, Insanity, Phobia, and “The Last Ride” Burial Simulator. We had allotted enough time to see three and didn’t get to “The Last Ride”.

The two indoor attractions we got to, Adrenaline and Insanity were just awesome! To start this trip off seeing the detailed sets within these haunts was a blast! No lack of attention to anything. Actors were some of the best I’ve seen and always in character. Costumes and makeup is just another strong point for this attraction and their outdoor haunt in the woods called “Phobia”, reminded me of that several times. With some of the most convincing characters, this was truly a nightmarish walk in the woods from hell.

I don’t know which attraction at the Burial Chamber I liked best. They all seemed to have me jumping at about every corner and always in awe of the close attention given to all aspects of the haunt. Without a doubt it’s a must see haunted attraction!


Our second stop of the night landed us at Oblivion Haunted House in Menasha Wisconsin. This is one truly amazing haunt. So many aspects of this haunt I just loved. The detail to each haunt set was so professional I couldn’t help but to try and take in the amount of time that must have been spent not just in design but in construction of each room.

Though a great haunt design and realistic haunt sets was obvious, I assure you not one ounce less was put into the scare and creepy factor for this attraction. In its first haunt season I left here wondering how such a professional haunt could be built in just a year.

This haunt comes highly recommended and will for sure make my list again in the future.

Terror on the Fox

First off Saturday night we set our sights to Terror on the Fox located in Green Bay Wisconsin. This haunt totals four separate attractions: The Ominous Sanctum, Torment Reanimated, 3rd Dimension of Fear, and The Void.

This haunt is located at the National Railroad Museum. It begins with a train ride around the property and then drops its riders off at the entrance gate to the haunt. This ride definitely sets up all of its guests for a night to remember.

If you want creepy, you got creepy. If you want scary, you got scary. This haunted attraction gives loads of what makes a great haunt a great haunt. With movie grade sets from one room to the next and many top of the line actors, this haunt is sure to entertain and produce screams all night long. I just can’t believe I’ve waited as long as I have to see this haunt.

This is also the type of attraction that makes a visiting fellow haunter not want to leave. The room sets and creations that make up this haunt show all too well the passion and talent put forth by the construction crew of Terror on the Fox.

Shawano Manor

We wrapped up Saturday night checking out Shawano Manor also located in Green Bay Wisconsin. After purchasing our tickets we took a walk down a trail through the dark woods. The music from the band playing on stage by the fire pit was just rockn those woods. Thinking we haven’t even entered the attraction yet and therefore letting our guards down, we were anxiously surprised when we were met up by one scary psycho with a chainsaw. If that don’t wake you up I don’t know what will.

We made it to a kind of staging area where before entering the house we sat down with the gipsy and my nephew got a palm reading. We then topped that off with both of us taking four shots each with a paintball gun at a zombie wondering in the woods. This was like living out a video game or the movie Zombie Land and was entertaining as hell!

We eventually got in the manor and were greeted by some very talented actors. You just somehow know you’re in for something good when you see acting done the way it should be done like here at Shawano Manor.

Awesome rooms tricked out in 3D. This was a first for this type of haunted house for me. I absolutely loved it. The creators of this attraction have put together remarkable room sets with plenty of the scare factor and the last one I thought was quite comical.

This made for such a great couple of nights and to top it off here at Shawano Manor was the perfect ending to our weekend of haunts. I only wished I’d have had more time to hang out and talk with the guys and gals of this attraction and listen to the band. Be sure to check this haunt out.

To All the Haunts

I wanted to thank all these haunts for putting on such a great show and for the conversations we had with a few of the staff members. Having been involved in the haunt industry for eight years now, I know all too well the hard work and all the time that goes in to planning and building of just the simplest of things for a haunt. And to see it done at such a large scale as these great haunts have done is truly an amazing sight to see.

Whether you’re a haunter or just out looking for a night of frightful fun, from Haunt Tech and, these haunted attractions are coming to you highly recommended as a must see this October. Be sure to check out their websites for operating times and ticket prices.

Happy Haunting


Burial Chamber

Oblivion Haunted House

Terror on the Fox

Shawano Manor