Wanted to post about some amazing How To DVDs pertaining to special effects techniques using digital video projection or simply incorporating a television into your haunt set. And yes these DVD are available right here at HauntYourHouse.net. But before I talk up the DVDs I want to point out that the maker of this special effects DVD collection has put together many YouTube videos not just covering what’s on each DVD but also touching on how you can use and set up some of these effects with items you may already have. And of course if you want to take his teachings to the next level you can always look into a DVD covering the area of which you’d like to learn more about at a later time.

The mastermind behind this DVD collection is Jon Hyers of Outrageous Media located in St Paul Minnesota. With his techniques in special effects and virtual 3d projected effects, Jon has worked on projects taking him to the museum “The Terrors of St Petersburg” in Russia and back designing and building projected effects for the ever popular attraction “Top Secret” in Wisconsin Dells.

Jon is now offering up many of his special effects ideas, tricks, and secrets on an ever popular and ever growing collection of DVD “How To’s”. The latest, Projected reality, covers the use of a wide range of video projectors to create virtual 3d images for many applications in the Halloween and Haunted Attraction Industry. One nice thing Jon has done is set up a YouTube video to go along with nearly every video, making it very easy to know exactly what areas of special effects each DVD will cover.

I’ve personally been able to view a few of these DVDs in its entirety and will say that Jon has greatly opened my eyes to the possibilities of using special effects and virtual 3d projected effects in the haunt environment, whether it be an indoor or an outdoor haunted attraction. As much as I’d love to write about what a haunt could get out of these videos, I don’t know if I could convey how much I recommend that you Halloween Haunters at least familiarize yourselves with these special effects techniques videos. As I mentioned the possibilities seem endless with this type of knowledge. Please check out these YouTube’s as I’m confident that just viewing them will get some great ideas stir’n up for this year’s or even next year’s haunt.


Spiders Snakes and Bats DVD


Ghost Boys DVD – 2007

GhostMachines1 – 2004, 3hrs

GhostMachines2 – 2005, 3 hrs

Grave Ghost FX DVD Set – 2002

Spooky Props and Special Effects series 6 hrs (2 DVDs)

Spooky Ghosts DVD – 2003

Ghost Video Projector Kit – 2001

VRFX Tools – 3FX DVDs + How To do TV FX DVD, 2006

TV Effects Demonstration Video Part 1 – 2002 (Info only, scary faces and VRFX,
Spooky Ghosts also shown)

TV Effects Demonstration Video Part 1 – 2002 (Info only, scary faces and VRFX,
Spooky Ghosts also shown)