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Triggerz Push-Button Trigger Switch T100

Triggerz Trigger Switch
Extremely excited to be coming out with the ALL NEW for 2015 Triggerz push-button trigger switch T100 by Haunt Your House llc and! We’ve talked and talked all too much on animation control to customers and haunt attraction operators and haunt/Halloween enthusiasts. Many times the simplest of things are needed to execute the big scares and even the small scares at your attraction. With Triggerz you not only get the triggering capability to initiate the scare at the moment the actor, actress, or operator is ready… but you get a trigger in a haunt friendly, rugged built casing that’s sure to last season after season!
Triggerz trigger switch. Push-button aluminum body. Rugged built with haunters in mind.

Triggerz T100 push-button trigger switch is a momentary contact closure that closes at the press of a button (your thumb or however you wish). Its easy to conceal. Triggerz has pushed for the ruggedness and light weight of a circular aluminum body measuring four inches in length. We’ve equipped this trigger with heavy insulated 18-2 SJ cable for the durability we’d expect in the attraction we are affiliated with and we are confident it will be up to the many challenges our fellow haunters can throw at it! We even parked an SUV right on top of it!! lol! Not a dent! Not a scratch! Just a Triggerz T100 ready to trigger many different types of animations time after time.

Triggerz T100 is light weight and easy to use for manually triggering animations and fx.Again the Triggerz T100 is wired with over 9 feet of 18-2 SJ cable which is a heavy rubber insulated cable that will withstand many of the elements your haunt, nature, and everyday life within a haunted attraction can throw at it. Trigger switching capabilities is rated to 3 amps at 120 VAC. However, we always recommend when using handheld triggers of ANY TYPE to be controlling low voltages to trigger your animations. Most of the controllers we may be using to animate props or various fx will be using 12 or 24 volts as there primary voltage and simply require a closure of two electrical points to trigger the controller. In that case you are set so simply connect the two wires of the T100 to those “trigger” terminals and away you go. If you have an animation of say powering high voltage (120 VAC) for lighting fx or maybe an electric motor, you will want to use your Triggerz T100 at a low voltage (say 12 Volts from a 12 volt transformer) to control a relay (that would operate at 12vdc) which would in turn control the higher voltage.

The possibilities for what you can trigger with the T100 are endless. Triggerz provides the switching capabilities in a light weight and rugged push-button switching body that’s sure to fit the many applications haunters from all over can design for it!

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Burial Chamber Haunted House

Neenah Wisconsin

Burial Chamber Haunt Complex

My buddy Don, my sis Kris, a "Madman" out to get us, myself, my wife Amy just outside Phobia Haunted Woods at the Burial Chamber Haunt Complex in Neenah Wisconsin

Finally hit the road to check out some haunts over this past weekend. Wanted to bring up this first haunt we got to on Friday (10-5-2012), the Burial Chamber Haunt Complex in Neenah Wisconsin. If you check out their website at, one of the first things you’ll read is the phrase “Midwest’s Largest Haunt Complex”. I promise you that this haunt lives up to that statement and they aren’t messing around either. This haunt truly has 4 separate attractions! With 3 of the most intense haunts (Adrenaline Haunted House, Insanity Haunted House, and Phobia Haunted Woods). And to top it off they have at least 4 “Last Ride” burial simulators. The Burial Chamber Haunt Complex took us for one hell of a ride that’s for sure!!! But then again, what should I have expected from the attraction “Voted best haunted complex by the public” in Wisconsin!

Now this wasn’t my first time visiting the Burial Chamber. About two years ago when I first heard of this haunt, something told me then that when I scheduled that 2010 trip that this haunt was for sure going on my list of haunts to see; maybe it was the fact that seeing all three haunted houses was something like $8 each…SIGN ME UP!…….. No I didn’t end up liking it…………..I LOVED IT!!!! So it was back on my list for 2012!!

Without giving too much away I really want to say that as a haunter myself and being involved in the haunt industry as long as I have been, I have greatly grown an appreciation for everything it takes to put on an event like this. I’ve seen the struggles at other haunts…. I’ve seen the actors that can’t stay in character… But let me tell you, the folks over at the Burial Chamber got this thing figured out!!!

After getting our tickets we could go to any one of the attractions. Standing in the queue line to the haunted houses we watched crazy assortments of videos projected onto huge projection screens; this was a great touch for us guests as we waited prior to entering each of the haunts. Also to mention we got there shortly before the haunt opened. And from the queue line we first hand got to witness the haunts opening kick-off. Absolutely loved that! Was a great way not only to get the patrons razzed up but to fire-up the actors as well!!! Was like a zombie takeover!! It was great!! LOL

The haunt sets were very creative and really well done. I loved the overall tone of each attraction, not only did the haunt sets look great while effectively contributing to set all our senses into chaos, but equally the actors were right there when they needed to be, delivering scare after scare! Our group…… most of us was scared silly…..well perhaps all of us! Apparently our coping mechanism that night was to sing at one point and these actors were right there ready to capitalize on it…… and they did! You see that’s when you can tell the actors are totally into their character yet still paying attention to the groups. Nearly every scare seemed as though it was tailored personally towards us, vs. just the same old routine.

These actors were fabulous! I really want to give a shout out to the girl(s) in the morgue……SPOT ON they were the whole time!!!! The improv was great!! Also this big guy in the picture wearing the bloodied up apron! Truly professional!!! The zombie in the woods doing this creepy matrix like way of rising from the ground………Are you ok by the way? Did it hurt to do that? LOL!! But really the whole attraction was awesome!

My overall point to be made is at this haunt, the actors, set designers, costumers, make-up fx pro’s, all got the passion to bring their guest’s the scariest, realistic, and personally entertaining experience I could hope for in any haunted attraction. It’s a no-brainer! It’s a MUST SEE!! And I will see it again!!

So put the Burial Chamber on your list of haunts to see.

A big THANK YOU to the Burial Chamber for one H-E-L-L of a great night!

Kelly Anderson

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Haunt Clips

Haunt Clips - Sound FX for audio repeaters

Haunt Clips - Sound FX for audio repeaters

I am excited as H-E-L-L to introduct this new product to called Haunt Clips. This product is basically SOUND FX clips ranging in lengths from 3 seconds to about 5 minutes. Most are under 30 seconds long. Haunt Clips are meant to be played back via audio repeater, triggered either right at the impact of your scare or perhaps leading up to your scare. Of course these could be played back on a loop if needed. But the short lengths of these FX were meant to be that extra layer of haunt audio, above your normal ambient haunted house music. You know every time you watch a scary movie, just before the scariest parts, the audio changes. Thats when you know SH$&’s about to hit the fan. And thats the point. Haunt Clips has that extra layer of audio in mind with each clip.

I had the idea of offering such a product several years back now. Being had carried audio repeaters of up to 6 minutes of playback time, and now offer MP3 audio repeaters of even more playback time, it was only fit that such a product come to be. After several conversations with my buddy Chris (your familular with his work at Sounds of Terror and Scare FM), discussing the need for a wide range of sound fx that can be triggered to play at key times with your scares and haunt animations. Haunt Clips, a name I pitched as only an example for the product, we’re now confident will come to be the answer to an ever growing demand of sound FX for haunts of all sizes.

So check it out! Haunt Clips! Now another great product brought to you by -KA

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What did you get at Transworld??

Creepy Crawling Torso Zombie

Be sure to check out Zombie Props, Killer Props and Clown Props at our home site

So we’ve been back from Transworld for a few weeks now. Was an awesome show as always. We were able to pick up several items for the haunt. We got several totally awesome props from Creepy Collection. At Haunt Your House we have been a distributor for Creepy Collection for a couple years now. As I said, awesome props. We’re decking a few rooms out with their props. Simply the best and most realistic. A must for our haunt and yours.

Our haunt has finally been getting into using more LED lighting. I can hardly put into words how many more options you have when using LED lighting. I’ll probably have some posts later on about using LEDs for lighting your haunt sets. But the control you gain when lighting cirtain props or certain parts of the set are amazing. And one of the best things when using LEDs is the ability to hide the light fixture. Where an incandecent light bulb is 2 or 3 inches wide and 3 or 4 inches tall, a low power LED is only about the diameter of a pen or pencil and maybe and inch and a half long. Just so easy to conceal behind a grave stone or in a tree branch. LEDs are definately the way to go.

I am very curious if any of you made it to the Transworld Haunt Show and if so how you liked it and if you picked up any cool items for your haunt. Lets here what you got!!

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This week Transworld!!

So this is it. The week that haunters and haunt vendors around the country and beyond look forward to each year. TRANSOWRLD!!

Transworld’s 16th annual halloween and haunted attractions show. Two great shows back under one roof once again and back in St. Louis Missouri.

Vendors from all over showcasing the latest products from the greatest haunt masks to the most awesome animatronics available to the haunt industry to this very day, and that doesn’t come close to scratching the surface of what this show has to offer. So if your a haunter, whether in the business for profit or involved with nonprofit organiziation that puts on a haunt for a fundraiser, you have to be at this show.

The show also hosts seminars (for a fee) tought by industry pro’s on many topics associated with haunting or running the business end of a haunted attraction.

This is truelly one of my favorite weekends that I look forward to every year. Come thursday it’s…..HELLO ST. LOUIS!
Looking forward to meeting up with fellow haunters from around the country once again.


For much more info on Transworld Halloween and Attractions Show featuring the Haunt Show click on the link below.

Transworld Haunt Show

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Haunted House Trip 2 (2010)

For the second weekend in October I had planned a trip to see a few more haunts. My trip took me from my home location of Sparta Wisconsin, to Waukesha, Milwaukee, and on to Sheboygan, along the eastern side of Wisconsin. I was once again very eager to see another fabulous lineup of haunted houses, and the Wisconsin Fear Grounds, Dominion of Terror, and Mars Haunted House were just the attractions I was looking for.

Wisconsin Fear Grounds

Friday night I was able to stop in at the Wisconsin Fear Grounds in Waukesha Wisconsin. The Feargrounds consisted on four separate haunts; Morgan Manor, Morgana’s Torment, Unstable, and Morgana’s Labyrinth of Misery. I arrived a bit early but these guys were in character and ready to rock. The ghouls roaming the queue were there for one thing and that’s to entertain.

Entering this haunt for the first time was an incredible feeling. One right off the bat could hardly fathom the time spent in creating just the first couple of rooms, yet alone building great rooms to follow the theme of the attraction consistently through the haunt. Each room had to have been so carefully chosen as to make sense and how incorporating each character along with each scare was fit into the attraction as a whole seemed to be executed like clockwork.

This was such a great haunt to say the least! The characters had my attention right from the start while having me nonstop guessing what was around each corner. Great time! Great Haunt! Check it out!

Dominion of Terror

Saturday I set off for the Dominion of Terror haunted house in Sheboygan Wisconsin. This attraction was bad ass. The crew of this haunt has without a doubt the right place, the knowledge, and the passion to build everything that makes for a creepy, scary, intense, bad ass haunt. I firmly believe that the best way to really engage the audience with your haunt is to make them feel like they are really in the world you as a haunter are trying to convey. This haunt does it for me!

The themes within this haunt were put together and transitioned so well. And many of the different elements that tend to scare people had been put together to offer allot of that something for everyone. It was truly intense, excellent design, and I loved every minute of it!

Mars Haunted House

Next was back to Milwaukee Wisconsin to check out Mars Haunted House. OH, where do I start with this one! Just waiting in the queue was great! Although the wait in line was rather short at the time, the character working the line was perfect for the job. I could have stood there so much longer and been perfectly entertained. The interaction with the patrons was really getting people ready for something. And “Something” was what we were about to find out.

Talk about keeping a guy guessing, this newly remodeled attraction for 2010 was all that to me and my whole group for that matter. Scares right from the start. The feeling of claustrophobia set in rather quickly and topped off with some scares where one would least expect it. I would think that after eight years doing haunts myself, I’d learn to expect the unexpected; but not this time,  and not at Mars HH.

The room themes within this haunt were definitely carried out with a lot creativity and style. The Mars style allowed for techniques in room theme layout to be done that few haunts could ever pull off. I learned this all too well when Mars through the haunt room theme curveball at us. And this curve ball has been haunting us ever since! LOL! Great time. Great haunt. Entertaining has hell! MARS Haunted House

To All the Haunts

Once again I have to thank these haunts for putting on one hell of a show. I could not have asked for a better time. The blood sweat and tears that went into the designing and building of these attractions as well as the operations it must take to carry out such an attraction has got to be phenomenal.

I wish everyone a happy haunting season and a great Halloween!!

Kelly Anderson


Wisconsin Fear Grounds

Dominion of Terror

Mars Haunted House

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Haunted House Trip 1 (2010)

This first weekend of October, I along with my 17 year old nephew made the trip to the Neenah and Green Bay areas of Wisconsin. This gave us two nights to see four great haunted attractions within about 3 ½ hours of our location here in Sparta Wisconsin. I’d like to share a bit about our trip and spread the word about these amazing haunts.

Burial Chamber

Friday night about 8pm we rolled into Neenah. First up on our list of haunts to see was the Burial Chamber. This haunt complex consists of four separate attractions: Adrenaline, Insanity, Phobia, and “The Last Ride” Burial Simulator. We had allotted enough time to see three and didn’t get to “The Last Ride”.

The two indoor attractions we got to, Adrenaline and Insanity were just awesome! To start this trip off seeing the detailed sets within these haunts was a blast! No lack of attention to anything. Actors were some of the best I’ve seen and always in character. Costumes and makeup is just another strong point for this attraction and their outdoor haunt in the woods called “Phobia”, reminded me of that several times. With some of the most convincing characters, this was truly a nightmarish walk in the woods from hell.

I don’t know which attraction at the Burial Chamber I liked best. They all seemed to have me jumping at about every corner and always in awe of the close attention given to all aspects of the haunt. Without a doubt it’s a must see haunted attraction!


Our second stop of the night landed us at Oblivion Haunted House in Menasha Wisconsin. This is one truly amazing haunt. So many aspects of this haunt I just loved. The detail to each haunt set was so professional I couldn’t help but to try and take in the amount of time that must have been spent not just in design but in construction of each room.

Though a great haunt design and realistic haunt sets was obvious, I assure you not one ounce less was put into the scare and creepy factor for this attraction. In its first haunt season I left here wondering how such a professional haunt could be built in just a year.

This haunt comes highly recommended and will for sure make my list again in the future.

Terror on the Fox

First off Saturday night we set our sights to Terror on the Fox located in Green Bay Wisconsin. This haunt totals four separate attractions: The Ominous Sanctum, Torment Reanimated, 3rd Dimension of Fear, and The Void.

This haunt is located at the National Railroad Museum. It begins with a train ride around the property and then drops its riders off at the entrance gate to the haunt. This ride definitely sets up all of its guests for a night to remember.

If you want creepy, you got creepy. If you want scary, you got scary. This haunted attraction gives loads of what makes a great haunt a great haunt. With movie grade sets from one room to the next and many top of the line actors, this haunt is sure to entertain and produce screams all night long. I just can’t believe I’ve waited as long as I have to see this haunt.

This is also the type of attraction that makes a visiting fellow haunter not want to leave. The room sets and creations that make up this haunt show all too well the passion and talent put forth by the construction crew of Terror on the Fox.

Shawano Manor

We wrapped up Saturday night checking out Shawano Manor also located in Green Bay Wisconsin. After purchasing our tickets we took a walk down a trail through the dark woods. The music from the band playing on stage by the fire pit was just rockn those woods. Thinking we haven’t even entered the attraction yet and therefore letting our guards down, we were anxiously surprised when we were met up by one scary psycho with a chainsaw. If that don’t wake you up I don’t know what will.

We made it to a kind of staging area where before entering the house we sat down with the gipsy and my nephew got a palm reading. We then topped that off with both of us taking four shots each with a paintball gun at a zombie wondering in the woods. This was like living out a video game or the movie Zombie Land and was entertaining as hell!

We eventually got in the manor and were greeted by some very talented actors. You just somehow know you’re in for something good when you see acting done the way it should be done like here at Shawano Manor.

Awesome rooms tricked out in 3D. This was a first for this type of haunted house for me. I absolutely loved it. The creators of this attraction have put together remarkable room sets with plenty of the scare factor and the last one I thought was quite comical.

This made for such a great couple of nights and to top it off here at Shawano Manor was the perfect ending to our weekend of haunts. I only wished I’d have had more time to hang out and talk with the guys and gals of this attraction and listen to the band. Be sure to check this haunt out.

To All the Haunts

I wanted to thank all these haunts for putting on such a great show and for the conversations we had with a few of the staff members. Having been involved in the haunt industry for eight years now, I know all too well the hard work and all the time that goes in to planning and building of just the simplest of things for a haunt. And to see it done at such a large scale as these great haunts have done is truly an amazing sight to see.

Whether you’re a haunter or just out looking for a night of frightful fun, from Haunt Tech and, these haunted attractions are coming to you highly recommended as a must see this October. Be sure to check out their websites for operating times and ticket prices.

Happy Haunting


Burial Chamber

Oblivion Haunted House

Terror on the Fox

Shawano Manor

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If you’re familiar with the background of, you’ll know that we have been a huge supporter and volunteer for the Sparta Wisconsin based haunted attraction call the “House of Shadows”. As the building we host our haunt in was once part of the Wisconsin State Child Center which was originally built in the late 1880’s as a home for dependant and neglected children, this site has seen history that most people today could only read or hear stories about.

Though the original site of three cottages were only intended for about twelve children each, within a matter of months the site was severely maxed out with around sixty children, boys and girls, ranging from ages of just a few months to upper teens. This site would eventually expand to over ten buildings including a three story administration building, a hospital, and infirmary to house and care for eventually several thousand children over the operational time of the facility.

By the late 1920’s the growing numbers of children suffering from various non curable diseases of that time period such as Polio, Measles, Scarlet Fever, it was apparent that an onsite facility be built to care for such individuals, and so an infirmary building was constructed in 1932 and was in use until the entire Child Center closed its doors for good in 1976. Unlike many the other buildings once part of the child center, this building still stands, and has hosted our haunt (House of Shadows) for over ten years.

Throughout this time, our location including the onsite cemetery of over 100 graves, have caught the interests of several paranormal investigations by various groups from around the Wisconsin and Minnesota area. One such group led by Neil Nystrom and Boyd Hanson of Western Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators (WWPI) has conducted several investigations of the old infirmary as well as several other locations around the area. Neil, Boyd, and their team had spent several nights last haunt season, actually at our haunt speaking with our awaiting guests. WWPI will be answering questions again this season about investigating paranormal activities and going over their findings from past investigations at out haunts location as well.

Be sure to stop by the House of Shadows this 2010 season and take the opportunity to talk with Neil and Boyd of WWPI.

Operational nights of our haunt are posted at

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Special Effects

Wanted to post about some amazing How To DVDs pertaining to special effects techniques using digital video projection or simply incorporating a television into your haunt set. And yes these DVD are available right here at But before I talk up the DVDs I want to point out that the maker of this special effects DVD collection has put together many YouTube videos not just covering what’s on each DVD but also touching on how you can use and set up some of these effects with items you may already have. And of course if you want to take his teachings to the next level you can always look into a DVD covering the area of which you’d like to learn more about at a later time.

The mastermind behind this DVD collection is Jon Hyers of Outrageous Media located in St Paul Minnesota. With his techniques in special effects and virtual 3d projected effects, Jon has worked on projects taking him to the museum “The Terrors of St Petersburg” in Russia and back designing and building projected effects for the ever popular attraction “Top Secret” in Wisconsin Dells.

Jon is now offering up many of his special effects ideas, tricks, and secrets on an ever popular and ever growing collection of DVD “How To’s”. The latest, Projected reality, covers the use of a wide range of video projectors to create virtual 3d images for many applications in the Halloween and Haunted Attraction Industry. One nice thing Jon has done is set up a YouTube video to go along with nearly every video, making it very easy to know exactly what areas of special effects each DVD will cover.

I’ve personally been able to view a few of these DVDs in its entirety and will say that Jon has greatly opened my eyes to the possibilities of using special effects and virtual 3d projected effects in the haunt environment, whether it be an indoor or an outdoor haunted attraction. As much as I’d love to write about what a haunt could get out of these videos, I don’t know if I could convey how much I recommend that you Halloween Haunters at least familiarize yourselves with these special effects techniques videos. As I mentioned the possibilities seem endless with this type of knowledge. Please check out these YouTube’s as I’m confident that just viewing them will get some great ideas stir’n up for this year’s or even next year’s haunt.


Spiders Snakes and Bats DVD


Ghost Boys DVD – 2007

GhostMachines1 – 2004, 3hrs

GhostMachines2 – 2005, 3 hrs

Grave Ghost FX DVD Set – 2002

Spooky Props and Special Effects series 6 hrs (2 DVDs)

Spooky Ghosts DVD – 2003

Ghost Video Projector Kit – 2001

VRFX Tools – 3FX DVDs + How To do TV FX DVD, 2006

TV Effects Demonstration Video Part 1 – 2002 (Info only, scary faces and VRFX,
Spooky Ghosts also shown)

TV Effects Demonstration Video Part 1 – 2002 (Info only, scary faces and VRFX,
Spooky Ghosts also shown)

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Audio Repeaters

900X Audio Repeater</a> at

The 900X Audio Repeater can deliver your prerecorder audio effects accurately on time or on demand. Actors can trigger audio repeater themselves or sync with your prop animations.

As many of you haunters know, your audio can play a huge part in setting a great ambiance within your haunted attraction. And perhaps just as important, if not more important than the background audio of your haunt, is the audio or audio effects that go along with your haunt props or when your actors and actresses execute their scare. That audio can be so important in building up to your scare. I just can’t stress enough how each scare needs to have some type of audio to go along with it. But keep in mind it must be something that fits the scene or at least fits the scare that’s about to take place.

So what do I mean by audio that fits the scene or scare? Pretty simple I think…let me try and explain. So you got your spooky haunted house music playing in the background, which may or may not be right for the scene, but that’s not what this post is about. Your patrons enter your haunt room which lets just say is a boiler room or some type of mechanical room of a building, so you got background sounds of some type of equipment running on a loop, but that’s not what this post is about either. Your guests are now right in the middle of your haunt room. They are aware that they are in some type of buildings mechanical room. They hear a heating system or something running. And for the most part all seems well. But just then, this new sound emerges. It’s kind of faint but sounds as though the plumbing pipes are clanging together. It seams to be getting louder and they think the plumbing pipes are starting to come apart. As it gets louder, it’s now sounding as though some type of high pressure relief valve is purging and it continues to get louder yet. And finally, all the sudden this horrifically loud crash just as your actor or actress comes jumping out of a dark corner behind the boiler, scaring the tar out of your patrons. That’s what I’m talking about.

The point of this type of audio effect is not just to add to your background audio, but to add another element to your guests experience in your attraction. This new element allows you as the actor to activate at just the right time, to build up the intensity and anticipation of your up and coming scare point. Just like in a horror movie with the tense audio leading up to the scare, this additional audio effect can take your second or two of scare time, and stretch it throughout the duration of your added audio effect. Not to mention making the actual scare point even better. This happens do to the fact of delivering unfamiliar sounds to your guests. Upon first entering the room, they had already formed a general impression of the room. Seamed like a normal mechanical room. Then the new sounds began making the guests aware that perhaps things weren’t quite as they initially seamed. And finally, the executed scare.

These additional audio or sound effects can be delivered with precision timing by means of an audio repeater. An audio repeater is simply a device capable of storing your prerecorded audio track and playing it on demand, when the audio repeater is triggered. It can be triggered by several means; pressure switch, a motion sensor, passive infra-red, or by a switch operated by an actor or actress are some common methods. NOTE: This switch could be activating a prop or some other type of effects while at the same time triggering the audio repeater, depending on how the trigger is connected to whatever it is controlling.

Audio repeaters typically have an output which is “line level”. So in nearly all cases will require the repeater be used with an additional amplification sound system such as a PA system or a perhaps just a home stereo. Their trigger system, which it likely supplies its own power for, will need to be wired out to some type of switching devise such as a push-button or motion sensor. Their input voltage in many cases are 115 volts AC, however some companies offer a version that can be power by DC voltage using batteries.

Haunt audio in general is such an over looked area in many haunts. And using audio effects as part of your scares in many cases is just plain forgotten or never thought of. As I began this post, the audio you choose can add so much to a haunt room, but being able to add additional audio effects on demand to go right along with your scare makes the experience that much better. Your actors will be able to sync their grand scare point right into the audio effects with a little practice. Or you can adjust your props animations to fit the audio as well. Give it a try this next haunt season and let me know how you utilized additional audio effects with your haunt.

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